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Message From Dean Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences is as old as the University itself. The Faculty was the first to be established in the University. Initially, it started with the Departments of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology. Today it has grown to include the Departments of Earth Sciences, Electronics, Computer Sciences, Institute of Information Technology and Statistics.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences is known for its quality teaching, research and promotion of academic excellence in diverse disciplines. Some of its departments have set trends in scientific research in Pakistan. Since 1967 the Faculty has produced several B.S. & M.Sc. graduates and M.Phil/Ph.D research students.

The Faculty has an excellent cadre of academics many of whom are outstanding international scientists and keep abreast with the modern scientific and technological research trends. We have well-equipped laboratories and a campus-wide networking learning environment to facilitate learning.

The Faculty has been a pioneer in the production of a highly-qualified working force in the county, producing the highest number of MPhil and PhD scholars. It offers a variety of modern courses in BS/MSc, MPhil and PhD degrees in various branches of natural sciences. Our graduates go on to careers in education, engineering, finance, business, information technology, and management.

A new feature of our Faculty is the launching of four-year BS (Morning/Evening) program. This is a faculty based program with a focus on giving our students not only a strong base in various sciences but a significant exposure to social sciences. We expect the graduates from this program to emerge with well-rounded personalities that enable them to pursue both specialized and inter-disciplinary careers.

Faculty of Natural Sciences has world renowned award winning professors who are passionate about teaching and research. The Faculty aims to create a conducive environment for nurturing excellent researchers and scholars. With academic staff strength of more than 110, we encourage the students to excel in whatever he or she is best equipped to do. Recruiting and nurturing talent is the top priority of our Faculty.

Prof Dr. Javid shabbir

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