Dec 172019
Past Event

Dengue Infection in Pakistan & its Controlling Strategies

Dengue fever, a viral disease transmitting with the bite of infected mosquito Aedes spp leads to severe health problems in the developing world, especially Asia and Africa with billions of morbidities in three different forms of dengue fever, it is also reported that over 50 million cases are occurring every year, the frequency is found higher in pregnant ladies and under five years children. In Pakistan it is the major growing dilemma. Considering the current epidemic scenario of dengue infection, it seems that controlling the infection will need some serious measures. Therefore this seminar focused upon Dengue Infection and its vector control from a number of perspectives. We will discuss the latest controlling techniques and diagnostic tools as well as the most up-to-date research and developments. The outcome of the conference would be highlighting current issues and future scenario of mitigating such lethal infection. Overall, this platform will integrate people from different disciplines including medical sciences, researcher students from all fields and industrialists typically involved in pharmaceuticals, pest and disease control. This type of collaboration among the researchers, industrialists and laymen will be helpful in preventing an outbreak of dengue infection in future. Moreover, this conference will provide an opportunity to collaborate with relevant industry involved in disease control and its management.

Workshop: 18-12-2019
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