Admission Open (Fall Semester-2022)
Announcements :


1Prof. Dr. M. Raziuddin Siddiqui, H.I., S.I,05-12-1967 to 18-10-1972
2Prof. Dr. (Miss) Kaneez Fatima Yusuf19-10-1972 to 06-06-1976
3Prof. Abdul Hahsim Khan07-06-1976 to 06-06-1978
4Prof. Dr. Waheed uz Zaman07-06-1978 to 15-12-1978
5Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohiuddn16-12-1978 to 23-11-1980
6Prof. Sheikh Imtiaz Ali24-11-1980 to 14-05-1986
7Prof. Dr. Daler Khan15-05-1986 to 23-11-1991
8Prof. Dr. M. Nazir Romani24-11-1991 to 27-11-1994
9Prof. Dr. Muhammad Arslan S.I.28-12-1994 to 13-05-1997
10Dr. M. Tariq Siddiqui27-05-1997 to 26-05-2001
11Dr. U.A.G. Isani26-05-2001 to 25-05-2005
12Prof. Dr. K.H. Azam Ali26-05-2005 to 16-10-2005
13Prof. Dr. M. Qasim Jan17-10-2005 to 07-02-2010
14Prof. Dr. M. Masoom Yasinzai AF.,S.I.08-02-2010 to 07-02-2014
15Prof. Dr. Eatzaz Ahmed18-02-2014 to 12-10-2014
16Prof. Dr. Javed Ashraf13-10-2014 to 12-10-2018
17Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ali, T.I.23-11-2018 to date